Program Overview:

Would you like to increase communication, get teams into action faster and align skills with goals? Are you leading your teams to their potential? 

People rarely change, but they do make new decisions based on new information. Our Command Ready program brings winning leadership methodologies from our military history and brings them directly to you. 

Meeting one night a week for 4 weeks. You get: 20-course hours of deep dive discussions on what works, practical exercises, war games that make you think about how you can grow more leaders in your organization and much more. This is not a class in theory this is real world leadership skills, that you can use now. Skills developed and tested in the most grueling crucible for leadership, our military, delivered to you.

Our site locations move around the US. Check locations and get in while we are in your area. Cohorts meet in a secure offsite location to let you focus on growth and building your professional network. Join your cohort!

Cohorts answer key questions:

  1. Are you developing yourself?
  2. What if your ability to lead planning  improved and you got through decision making faster? 
  3. Who owns culture in your organization, can you? What does it take to build EPIC communication? 
  4. Are you building your resiliency and the ability to adapt while growing your accountability?

Challenge yourself to be the next level leader

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  • Meeting one night a week for 4 weeks, from 2-7pm; 20 hours of course study in total

  • Enhance perspective on environment shaping and building leadership values and capabilities

  • Expand your professional network across industries

  • Align your goals with business needs

  • Excel at taking action in a changing environment

Beyond amazing, I typically have a good sense about things, it has helped building my business over the last 30 years, I thought this would be good but the program results blew me away. Impact was immediate, the people I sent were proud of themselves, taking initiative and really energized. We will be there for years to come.
— S. Sharpe

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