Why take a development workshop?

Increase corporate communication

Move your teams into action faster

grow leaders to take your company to the next level

build culture on purpose

drive up retention


What would happen if goals and team action was aligned like a mission focused military unit?

Come find out!!

CommandReady cohorts bring individuals together from every industry and forming business groups with diverse viewpoints capable of critical thinking while bringing real world leadership skills directly to you. Facilitators mix new ideas with proven history and plenty of hands on exercises creating memorable experiences so you can apply them to your office immediately.

The CommandReady program brings winning leadership methodologies rich with military history directly to you. 

Meeting over four modules you get: 20-course hours of deep dive discussions on what really matters in leadership, practical hands on exercises, and fun war games to make you think about leading with purpose.

This is not a class in theory this is real world leadership skills, developed and tested in the most grueling crucible for leadership, our military.

Locations move so hit the "enlist now" button to see upcoming sessions or send us a note for information. Cohorts meet aboard a secure offsite location to keep you away from distractions while your on mission. We are kidding, we meet in cool buildings with lots of space to run amazing workshops, honestly we don't even make you do pushups, just challenge the way you think. 

Cohorts answer key questions:

  1. Are you developing yourself?
  2. Are your work habits and goals aligned?
  3. What if your ability to plan  improved? 
  4. What holds you back from change?
  5. How can you make decisions faster? 
  6. Who supports you?
  7. Who really owns culture?
  8. Are you communicating or just commanding? 
  9. And more!

Challenge yourself, transition up to the next level of leadership


  • Four modules, 1 per afternoon

  • 2-7pm; start your day, have lunch then come ready to learn

  • 20 hours of course study in total

  • Leaders shape environments, even unconsciously, learn to do it on purpose

  • Workshops span multiple industries so you will expand your professional network

  • Define your goals and build a workable action plan to go get them

Commandready Quad 2018.jpg
Beyond amazing, I typically have a good sense about things, it has helped building my business over the last 30 years, I thought this would be good but the program results blew me away. Impact was immediate, the people I sent were proud of themselves, taking initiative and really energized. We will be there for years to come.
— S. Sharpe

Space is limited... enlist today!

Danny Calvo shares what he learned from the Military Leadership Methods cohort as a seasoned manager at Riot Games. Check out more on our YouTube page